Hand crafted wooden soap savers extend the life of your soap by allowing it to dry in between uses.

$3.50 each

Hand Crocheted Soap Mitts--insert a bar of soap, bathe, and then hang the bag up ,with the soap still in it, to dry until the next use. Also great for small pieces of soap.

$3.00 each


(while supplies last)

  Country Christmas--scents of pine, sweetness of vanilla

 Cranberry Spice--cranberry goodness without the tartness

 Frankincense & Myrrh--a blend of two of the gifts of the Magi. Warm and sensual with  hints   of vanilla.

 Mistletoe Kiss--fruity fragrance of ripe blackberry, boysenberry, peach, lemon and     raspberry blended with florals of jasmine and rose maroc, and white musk and vanilla--  swirls of red.

 Peppermint--think peppermint disks, fresh clean refreshing scent with red swirls.

 Pumpkin--don't you love the scent of pumpkin in everything during the fall--now you can  have it in your soap

 Snow Drop--clean & crisp like new fallen snow--blue swirls in a creamy bar

 Winter Wonderland--a walk in the forest during a crisp snow

Hand crocheted wash/dish clothes in a variety of colors, all with scalloped edges.  $2.00 each

Patchwork Soaps

Hand crafted soap in a large number of scents. Each bar wrapped and labeled. 

$5.50 each or $5.00 each if you buy 5 or more.

                                                             ​List of Scents

 Almond--for all of you almond-lovers--light brown with natural swirls and the  perfect scent   of almond

 Alpine--a natural brown shade that reminds you of high mountain meadows and  evergreens. The perfect scent for everyone

 Amber--a mainstay of perfumery, adding a warm, sweet, woody note--perfect on it's own 

 Angel… a natural warm brown shade with a sweet fresh scent--very popular

 Apple Jack—a combination of fresh crisp apples with cinnamon and a bit of orange with  a  beautiful red swirl

 Apricot Freesia—sweet scent of ripe apricots mixed with the fresh floral scent of freesia

 Autumn Song--A blend of herbs, falling leaves and fresh clean air

 Bay Rum…clean, classic, hint of citrus, and the number one fragrance for men…natural  with red swirls


 Berry Delight--The mix of berries and an earthly scent

 Champagne Sugar…lemon, bergamot, mandarin, orange, apple, banana, dew fruit and  pineapple with floral middle notes and low notes of sandalwood and musk

 Cedarwood--bring the forest indoors 

 Cherry Almond--perfect blend of floral and almond

 Cherry Blossom—floral blooms mixed with a touch of jasmine and rose--a faint pink swirl     in a milky white bar 

 Chocolate--the scent of chocolate without the calories

 Citrus Basil--perfect blend of spice and clean for use in the bath and in the kitchen

 Clean Cotton… this scent will put you in mind of fresh laundry hanging out to dry in a  light   summer breeze

 Coconut---think of the beach vacation with a blend of coconut and a touch of vanilla

 Coconut, Lime & Verbena (Tequila Sunrise)...creamy white bar with green and pink swirls--  the sweet scent of verbena, coconut, and a splash of lime

 Coffee--a dark brown color with ground coffee for a mild exfoliant. Perfect wake me up or  to   use in the kitchen to remove cooking smells  off your hands

 Cucumber & Aloe…refreshing summer scent of cucumber in a beautiful natural color bar

 Cucumber Melon—a perfect fruity & fresh scent of cucumbers and melon

 DIRT—fresh turned farm dirt—perfect for hunters or those that work outside and want a  natural smell that doesn't attract bugs

 Ginger... light, natural-colored bar with light ginger fragrance

 Heather--imagine yourself in Scotland walking through the purple flowers

 Honey Almond---a wonderful combination of sweet honey mixed with rich almond

 Jacob—entirely masculine—a blend of evergreen woods, moss, patchouli and musk

 Jasmine… lovely, creamy white bar with the delicate scent of our finest jasmine

​ Lavender… ultra-healing essential oil

 Lavender Buds--same relaxing scent but with dried lavender buds included for an exfoliant

 Lemon Sugar---fresh citrus scent combined with sweetness of delicate flowers

 Lemon Verbena…sweetly scented with verbena and lemony top  notes


 Lilac--a fresh spring floral, refreshing and soft, not heavy

 Magnolia…just like the beautiful fragrance of the majestic Southern Magnolia. Creamy bar  with light pink swirls

 Masculine Musk...a clean, masculine musk with top notes of jatamansi (a little-known  Indonesian essential oil), bottom notes of sandalwood, patchouli and amber.

 Mona Lisa--a bit elusive, secretive and intriguing. Musk notes are the strong point in this  scent, with lily, rose and vanilla

 Neroli—a fresh clean scent used in many spas

 Oak Leaves & Acorns—fresh outdoors in your shower—a mixture of oak leaves and pine

 Ocean Shore--.fresh, clean scent —you’ll  think you’re on a beach chair by the water

 Orange Clove—sweet orange scent mixed with some spicy clove for a fresh scent

 Patchouly--fresh clean scent--frequently requested

 Pink Grapefruit--his white bar is complimented by pink swirls enveloping the grapefruit  scent with light herbs and very light florals

 Plumeria--ice blend of tropical fruits & flowers...brings to mind Hawaii and the tropics.  An  irresistible blend of fruits and florals but not sickly sweet

 Red Clover Tea--sweet scent with a relaxing undertone that reminds you of Bath &  Body  Works’ Sweet Pea. Pretty, natural-colored bar with soft, red clover-colored swirls

 Rosemary Mint--herbaceous scent with ground rosemary and essentials of rosemary,  spearmint and peppermint

 Sandalwood Vanilla--the perfect, earthy scent of sandalwood mixed with the sweetness  of   vanilla

 Spiced Fig--Associated with the holidays but a perfect scent year round of fruit and pies  baking, a welcoming scent to all who enter your home

 Tahitian Vanilla… sultry vanilla bar with a touch of fresh citrus and a whisper of tropical  flowers in a rich, classic vanilla dark brown

 Theo—for the outdoor man a blend of woods, saddle leather and a hint of tobacco

 Unscented--get the nourishing benefits without the scent

 Vanilla Bean—a dark rich bar of nothing but vanilla—this even has crushed vanilla beans    in it for a gentle exfoliant

 Vanilla Hazelnut---another dark colored bar featuring the perfect blend of vanilla and    hazelnut

 White Ginger & Amber--spicy ginger with vanilla and musk